Other Wellbeing Activities and Workshops!

To complement what our fantastic blending bikes add to health and wellbeing events Love Smoothie Bike now offer a balanced range of wellbeing activities and workshops under the name Being Good. We have partnered with qualified experts to deliver talks, workshops, and interactive classes in the below areas. As with our bikes and arcade game the emphasis with all our activities is to be interactive, inclusive and fun! Please get in touch to talk through your wellbeing event or initiative!



Our qualified nutritionists will deliver talks, workshops and classes based around a theme of your choice.


Find out how mindfulness can benefit your team and improve mental wellbeing and quite possibly boost productivity!


Our experts will deliver an on site class to raise awareness of wellbeing and introduce your team to the benefits of this powerful activity. Suitable for even the most unstretchy of folk.


Pilates with an office slant, ergolates focuses on helping desk based workers to try and keep their bodies in top ergonomic condition through specific, practical strength exercises. 

Desk Assessments

Are the individuals in your team set up to work in a way that isn't detrimental to their health? If you are unsure we can provide a full desk assessment service and provide reports and recommendations.


Introduce your team to an incredibly effective form of exercise based around strengthening the core, through which all major body movements flow. 

Safety Awareness

Improve confidence and awareness as our qualified Krav Maga instructor can introduce self defence techniques and increase awareness of potential hazards in our surroundings.


Treat your team to an in work massage and revive tired bodies and refresh minds through relaxation. 

Are you holding a wellbeing initiative and would like a package that includes our smoothie blending bikes and our smoothie bike arcade game? Are you also interested in hiring our electricity generating bikes to highlight what tangible energy pedal power can produce? Then we can build a bespoke package at a discounted rate for you with any number of our activities and workshops. We will work together with you to ensure your event fulfils your objectives, please get in touch to talk through your requirements.