Healthy eating activities

Our interactive smoothie bikes are a fantastic way to demonstrate sustainability, healthy eating and exercise. Use them as an exciting way to serve delicious drinks at a party or as educational tools that add fun and great taste to learning! 

  • First of all the bikes are FUN!
    We usually can’t keep children off them at events – even when all of the smoothie ingredients are finished! The visual result of seeing the blender turn from their cycling seems to fascinate children.
  • Are your children playing too many computer games and not getting enough exercise? 
  • We have the perfect new addition to remedy this at your event – Smoothie Bike Arcade. Hire a package including this and the children will exercise, pedal blend up a delicious, healthy smoothie while playing a simple but addictive arcade game on screen that is controlled by the speed they pedal.
  •  We have hired our bikes, arcade game and supplied smoothie ingredients to children's parties and events across the UK. We regularly take our smoothie bikes to schools and other places of education as they make fantastic healthy eating activities for children and adults alike– please be warned many children become addicted to playing and trying to earn the top score of the day! We always have children who play the game many times over (you can play without blending a smoothie – so no ingredients are wasted).
  • The blender on the bike is driven by pedal power without using any electricity so children can start to see what effort it takes to power a normal household electrical appliance.
  • The smoothies we blend on the bikes are simply 100% pure fruit blended with fruit juice. This means all natural great taste and outstanding nutrition. They are the perfect healthy fuel for your little ones to recharge with after their exertions on the bike.
  • The bikes and game can be used simply as a fun activity at a party or event for kids, or as an engaging interactive activity to promote healthy eating and exercise. If you are a school we supply smoothie bike workshops where we give the smoothie bike and arcade experience to your pupils along with information on healthy eating and exercise.

For more information on our healthy eating activities for kids of all ages, please contact us on 0207 378 8332.