Health & Education

We have delivered events with a variety of hospitals, schools, colleges and universities. In hospitals our bike blending events have been welcome distractions for patients, as well as tools for team building and wellbeing among staff.

Within education sites our smoothie bikes have been used to demonstrate and educate children of ages 6/7 and up on eating healthily and the importance of exercise.

For teenagers and young adults the addition of our Smoothie Bike Arcade game has been really effective at engaging more senior students.

Please note our bikes have seats that move from very low to very high so all but the shortest children can use them. We offer a 10% discount on the hire element of all bookings to health and education sites just mention it when you speak to us.

Charity & Community

Our bikes have been part of many charity and community events, and always offer a healthy activity that is fun for all ages, but please beware if there are children at the event, you may not get them off the bikes! They love them.

You can use the bikes and arcade game as part of a fundraising effort, as many of our clients have, you can find further information on that here (link to We also offer a 10% discount on the hire element of all bookings to charity and community events just mention it when you speak to us.


What could be a better way to demonstrate sustainability than blending your own drinks using nothing but pedal power on our vibrant green bikes? We haven’t found anything else that’s more fun and engaging yet!

We’re happy to have worked with a number of clients on events to promote sustainability within their organisations and to the wider public and hope to be part of many more.

Parties & Weddings

Our blending bikes not only whizz up delicious healthy smoothies, we are fully insured for alcoholic cocktails to be pedal blended on them as well.

We worked with the broadcasting network FOX as part of a secret house party, and provided a cocktail bike arcade experience in the kitchen section which was a big hit! Guests came back to try and top their score and blend another delicious fruity cocktail.

We can of course offer alcoholic cocktails and healthy smoothies at the same time in dedicated jugs to cater for all of your guests. If you are an eco minded couple why not offer something totally different on your big day?

We would love to help you all celebrate! We’ve worked with venues big and small on summer parties and Christmas parties and can adapt to whatever is required at your event.