Set up

There are just 2 quick and easy pieces of assembly to perform (will take 5 minutes or less) to get the bike ready and safe for use. For more information please see the video here

Simply unscrew the 2 nuts from the base bar, place the bike onto the 2 bolts on the base bar and then tighten the nuts (not too tight) using your hands, once this is done the bike should now stand up and be very stable.

Next you need to move the handlebars into position. Use the allen key provided to loosen the 4 bolts on the top of the handlebar box, then lift the bars up to position and tighten.

Next again with the allen key loosen the two bolts on the side of the handlebar box and twist the handlebars 90 degrees into normal position and tighten.


To Use

Place the blender jug into the attachment at the front of the bike, you do not need to twist or turn the blender jug, just place it directly into the socket so it sits snugly and when the pedals are cycled on the bike the blades in the jug turn.

Place your juice first (amount and type printed on the pouch) then the Love Smoothies frozen fruit pouch contents into the blender jug while the pedals are not being cycled, or with the jug away from the bike. Do not place the jug on the bike while it is moving.

Once the jug is in place and the lid is attached the person can start cycling, it should take roughly 30 seconds or so and does not require very fast pedaling!

The smoothie bike is fitted with a quick release seat, to adjust the height open the black lever below the seat and move the seat to the required height, then close lever so it is tight, the lever can be tightened by twisting both sides clockwise, and loosened anticlockwise. 

After Use

When the bike is finished being used please clean the blender jug and lid (be careful when cleaning near the blades inside) and the blender attachment and anywhere on the bike where there might be smoothie debris or any other marks. Please move bike to agreed location for pick up, and ensure all parts of the bike as well as the blender jug and lid are present. 


If for any reason the blades do not turn in the blender jug when the bike is pedaled, firstly remove the blender jug and place it in the socket again with the handle in a different position so it sits in it’s slot firmly.

If it still does not blend look underneath the blender attachment where a silver metal tube sits on the wheel, when the wheel is moving is it making this cylinder rotate with it? If not then please adjust the blender attachment using the wing nuts to loosen the attachment on top of the black blender base at each side then move the attachment so the silver metal tube is touching the wheel then tighten the wing nuts in this position. It now should rotate and drive the blender when the bike is being pedaled.

If the handlebars are loose simply move them into the desired position and tighten the 4 bolts on the central point and the two on the sides with an allen key. If the seat is loose move to the desired position and tighten the single bolt underneath it with an allen key.

Health & Safety

The bikes are fitted with a chain guard and are on a wide based stand to give maximum stability during use. Do not place hands inside blender jug when in motion. Please ensure the handlebars are tightened and secure before use using the allen key bolts, also ensure the wing nuts holding the base are fastened at all times when in use. The bikes should be supervised by a responsible adult at all times.