Buy a Smoothie Bike

If you would like to blend drinks in your kitchen, or have a smoothie bike in your company colours for corporate events, then we would be delighted to build one for you.

Our bikes are hand built to order to our unique design here in the UK and are of the highest quality.

We import the blending mechanism that fits on the front of our bikes from a talented team in America, resulting in the most beautiful and practical pedal blending machine available.

You can choose to have the frame sprayed to your brand colour, and have a logo or other image on the wheel so it fits your brand completely.

These are the Rolls Royces of the pedal blending world and will excite everyone that blends a drink on them!

Prices start from £1,599 + delivery + vat and may increase depending on your specific branding requirements.


If you have purchased a bike from us we provide full instructions and ongoing phone support for your smoothie bike buy. Any questions or issues you may have you can contact us at any time and we can supply spares and tools (for a small extra fee) in addition if required. Please contact us for more information.

Smoothie bike for sale!