Charity Event Ideas

Whether you’re looking to raise money for a charity or for an organisation, finding fun new ways to raise money is always tricky.

With so many great causes all looking for funding, there’s often a lot of competition to make your event stand out from the crowd.

We’ve all been to one of those charity events where it’s the same sad tombola, raffle and cake stall that’s been at every fundraising event since 1945. It’s difficult to get people enthused about the prospect of winning a cheap bottle of wine or a stuffed animal - and even more difficult to get them to part with their cash for the privilege of taking part.

Here at Love Smoothie Bike we want to put the fun back into fundraising- whether you’re looking for a centrepiece for your event, or just a cool way to serve refreshments - our smoothie bikes with our addictive new competitive game Smoothie Bike Arcade can spark some serious excitement and creativity for charity event ideas. 

Our smoothie bikes are a really interesting and fun way to blend fruit into smoothies using pedal power alone.

They’re a fantastic draw to any event but are particularly great at sponsored and charity events as they not only draw crowds - but there’s also a few ways you could use them to help you spin a profit.

Special offer – we give a 10% discount on bike hire to all registered charities.

For more information on our healthy eating activities for kids of all ages, please contact us on 0207 378 8332.

Ideas for Charity Events

  • Simply charge a small fee for making a fantastic pedal blended fresh fruit smoothie. People are sure to be queuing around the block for a turn to make their own smoothie - especially on a hot day or at a sports style event where fresh fruit refreshment is particularly sought after.

  • Create a Smoothie Bike competition. With our exclusive Smoothie Bike arcade game you can create a live event leaderboard as well as compete head-to-head with two smoothie bikes to decide who is the champion smoothie blender. It’s a really cool interactive way to create some friendly competition, and at the end of the ride everybody gets a prize - a delicious fresh fruit smoothie. Charge a small fee to enter the competition and if you offer a small prize to the overall winner of the day you’re sure to be onto a sure fire hit with your guests.

  • At a sporting charity event be sure to bring one of our smoothie bikes along. With no external power source needed (fruit is blended under pedal power) you can offer hydrating and nourishing refreshments to participants which are sure to be in high demand. Why not have one person as a pedaller and have people pay the charity to see them pedal a smoothie just for them!

These are just an example of some of the charity event ideas we have for our smoothie bikes. The smoothie bike is an incredibly versatile thing - you can use it in many fantastic ways to bring in crowds, draw attention to your cause and raise some valuable extra money.

Get a smoothie bike for your charity event or sponsored event today!