Electricity Generating Bikes to Hire!

We now have custom built electricity generating bikes available to hire for your event. Your guests pedal power can be converted into electricity to race Scalextric cars around our deluxe track, power light displays and charge phones and other devices! What's more they can do all three of these things at the same time!

Use this fun activity to demonstrate wellbeing, sustainability, highlight a powerful initiative in your business or simply celebrate hitting a target (or the end of the week!) with your team. The Scalextric racing is fantastic - see the video below of it in action! Why not add something really different to your exhibition stand - we can provide a compact set up for small spaces! Find out more about the different things you can do below and contact us for pricing and information - or complete our free quote form to have this emailed directly to you. 

Pedal Electric now available (1)

Pedal Electric! Scalextric Racing

Host head to head Scalextric racing all powered by the speed your guests pedal - the faster they go, the faster their car goes! We provide a deluxe track and cars and a lap counter and timer so you can easily hold races and have a fastest lap competition for your event - why not offer a prize and really drive engagement?

Demonstrate how you can improve fitness and wellbeing more easily by doing something enjoyable, we guarantee this will get people exercising without even noticing it!

Take a look at our video below to see it in action. 

Pedal Power Light Displays!

Use pedal power to light up one of our stock light displays - a cinema style light box you can customise with your own message, or our light tower that shows power output from the bikes. You can use the light tower to demonstrate how much energy is needed to power everyday electrical items. Great for sustainability education.

We can also design and deliver your logo or message in a bespoke light box that is lit up as people charge up the lights - we can make this so it lights up in stages so to light the whole thing requires a bit of effort! This can be utilised for charity fundraising contact us for information.

Bike Powered Phone Charging!

Use your guests pedal power to supply our USB hub with electricity and let them charge mobiles, smart phones, tablets and other devices from it! The ultimate pedal power generator and a fantastic way to demonstrate sustainability and green energy. Why not link this with our Scalextric track so your guests have fun while charging their phone?!

Are you holding a wellbeing or sustainability day? Or any kind of event where you require a number of activities? You can hire our electricity generating bikes along with our smoothie blending bikes and any of our wellbeing workshops in a discounted bespoke package. Contact us for details and we can work with you to provide the perfect range for you.