Hire vs. Buy

Should everyone buy a smoothie bike? It’s an interesting question, if you used it every day to perform all of your household blending tasks then we would shout a big yes! It would reduce our impact on the environment and cut down on our reliance of unsustainable energy. It would also be worth the ongoing investment in keeping your bike in perfect working order.

However if you are thinking about using smoothie bikes periodically for events then it is not quite so straightforward. We do produce and sell bespoke smoothie bikes (see below) but you may find hiring is a better solution for you. Have a look at the pros and cons below then get in touch and we can talk through the options for you and your events.


With your own bike you would need a secure, dry space you can store it in on an ongoing basis. If you choose to hire from us we deliver before the event and collect afterwards.

Upfront Costs

Buying a bespoke blending bike is not cheap, so you will need a lump sum in advance. If you are only going to use it a handful of times hiring will certainly be a cheaper option for you.


If you have bought a bike and are travelling to different locations for events, consider how you will transport the bike and protect it during transit. When hiring from us if we deliver bikes to longer distances around the UK and Europe we provide a case so it is protected.

Bespoke colour & branding

If you do decide to buy a bike from us you can choose the colour of the frame and have the wheel disc branded just how you would like which could be a real advantage in terms of marketing at your events. 

Ongoing Costs

However if you plan to use the smoothie bike on many occasions you will hit a point after a number of events (somewhere between 10-20 usually) where hiring becomes more expensive and it may be prudent to consider buying your own. As long as you can manage the bike yourselves (with our guidance if bought from us) this could be the right option for you.


If you buy, you will need to occasionally perform essential maintenance to the bike including replacing tyres and bearings within the blender mechanism as well as replacing broken jugs and of course cleaning! You will need some basic tools for these jobs which if you buy a bike from us we can detail or provide. If you hire from us of course the bike will arrive in full working condition.

 Please note the bikes we hire come in a range of colours – Green, Blue and White and can be fitted with blank wheel discs for you to add your brand logo. If branding one of our bikes when hiring is of interest please mention this when speaking to us to find out more (a small charge will usually apply).