Event Planning

In this event planning section of the website we want to offer you some ideas that could help you organise and plan an event. To begin with we've focused on elements that complement what we provide, namely smoothie bikes and smoothie ingredients.

Organise a Smoothie Bike Fundraiser

We get a lot of enquiries from people who are planning an event to raise money for various charitable causes and are interested in using our bikes as a tool to involve people and generate funds.

We have lots of charity event ideas. You can sell the smoothies people blend and twists on who blends them, the organiser or the customer can add interest. We go into more detail here and have a great idea to get a fundraiser buzzing.

Health and Wellbeing Activities

Many of the events we attend are wider health and wellbeing initiatives for companies or communities. Smoothie bikes are a fantastic way to communicate healthy ideas, but there are many other complementary activities and learnings that could sit alongside our activities and deliver some really important information to a range of people.

Make the Perfect Smoothie

Find out how to make a smoothie, including the different appraoches there are to create your own freshly made perfect smoothie using a variety of ingredients in different states. Learn why some methods have advantages over others and what is best for your event. You may want to set up your own smoothie bar after this!

We'll keep adding to this list of event resources topics as we discover and collate useful information from our travels to events across the UK. Good luck to everyone who is organising an event this year! 

Find out more about our recent event at Leeds City College.