Event Resources

Here in the event resources section of our site we have some extra information and resources to help enable you to get the most out of your smoothie bike hire.

We provide access to full smoothie bike instructions (photos coming soon) which give information on how to set up the smoothie bike before your event as well as how to pack it back down after use.

We explain clearly how to use the bike safely at your event to blend delicious smoothies whilst having lots of fun! Access is also given to our 'how to' video resource which gives a full tour of the bike and visual demonstrates how to use it. A troubleshooting section lets you know some quick fixes to ensure the bike is running smoothly for your guests.

If you'd like to know how we work in terms of delivery times, how the equipment arrives with you and how it is picked up again after your event - you'll find a full description of our typical event schedule in How we work. This also lists the information we need from you when you place a booking so we can plan everything in advance.


Our How to Make a Smoothie page details the different amounts of ingredients you need to use to make different sized smoothies. You may want to have large 12oz smoothies available for your event or lots of smaller 4.5oz smoothies - we detail here how much fruit and juice you need to achieve it.

Available on request are our risk assessment and method statement, please contact us directly to see these.

Please read our terms of hire before making your booking so you are aware of our terms and conditions.